Mentorship and Team Assembling Programs
for SAAS Startup Founders.

We offer programs that provides aspiring startup founders to launch their first startup.
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Co-Founder Matching

Create an inviting and safe space for aspiring Co-founders.

Team Building

Foster strong, genuine relationships among coworkers with TeamBonding


Groom aspiring entrepreneurs with no business experience.

SAAS Products

Build and develop own startup business and fuel the company's growth.

Our segment

We would love to work with anyone - individuals or a small group of people working towards the vision of getting things done and adding value to society. Primarily we work with people who are developing solutions in the field of:

Employee Productivity

Solutions to increase employee productivity & organizational performance.

Team Collaboration

Solutions for effective team collaboration, coordination, and communication.

Artificial Inteligence(AI)

Products that implements artificial intelligence to solve meaningful problems.

Our selection process

Whether you already have a team or you are an individual with a startup idea, we would love to work with anyone around the globe. We even encourage to apply individual without a startup idea but with technical skills. The received applications are accessed on a case-by-case basis by Ombryo team. To be honest, the chances of acceptance are minimal but if you feel you’ve got what it takes-please consider applying.
  • 1

    Submit Application

    Fill in the form with all the relevant details, and preferably a presentation detailing your idea and the current status.

  • 2

    Case Assessment

    Each application will be carefully analyzed by our team of experts around the globe to study the feasibility and complexity.

  • 3

    One on one meeting

    The selected applicants will be invited to one-to-one meetings to discuss their vision and requirements in detail.

  • 4


    The applicants selected after one-to-one meetings will work with our team to fulfill all their requirements

What we look for?

We support skilled founders from experienced business operators to technologists and serial entrepreneurs regardless of background or geography.

Inner Drive

You must be confident with your idea and motivate others to join on your goal. Set your goals high and have the ability to achieve them.


You must be able to stand out from the crowd with your exceptional skill, knowledge, and experience and form a foundation.


You must have an attitude to overcome whatever problem you face. Try to find the best solution for every obstacle and make it an opportunity to improve.

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